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Medical Terminology

Medical Terminology Online is designed to help you gain an understanding of medical language and/or enhance your existing knowledge base. This course provides an introduction to the medical terms used by healthcare providers and presents this information through modules focused on specific parts/systems of the human body.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion Medical Terminology Online, you will be able to:
  • Analyze medical terms
  • Correctly spell and pronounce medical terms
  • Read and understand passages containing medical terms

Course Layout:

Medical Terminology Online is presented in 15 modules:
  1. Module 1:An Introduction To Medical Terminology
    Module 2:Body Structures
    Module 3:Word Parts
    Module 4:The Integumentary System
    Module 5:The Breast
    Module 6:The Musculoskeletal System
    Module 7:The Nervous System
    Module 8:The Sensory System
    Module 9:The Cardiovascular System
    Module 10:The Lymphatics And Immune System
    Module 11:The Respiratory System
    Module 12:The Digestive System
    Module 13:The Endocrine System
    Module 14:The Reproductive System (Male And Female)
    Module 15:The Urinary System

Evaluation Process

At the end of each module, you must pass a short quiz. You cannot move to the next module until you have successfully challenged the quiz. The end-of-module quizzes are an evaluation tool to prepare you for the formal examinations, which are timed. There are 4 examinations included in your online training experience:
  1. Test 1:Chapters 1-3
    Test 2:Chapters 8-11
    Mid-Term:Chapters 1-7
    Final Exam:Chapters 8-15
** The passing grade for each examination is 70% **

Certificate of Completion

When you have passed each of the 4 examinations, you will be able to download your Certificate of Completion. This document will include your name and the date of training.